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Cassie back





The only thing that can make your gown more beautiful is the proper fit.

Our workroom staff has over two decades of couture alterations experience. You can feel confident and at ease that your gown will be expertly altered receiving the utmost care and attention.

Our workroom also specializes in Custom Redesign if your gown isn't quite what you envisioned or if you are considering updating Mom's heirloom gown.

We can alter your bridal gown if you didn't buy it from us! 



Ashley (Before) Post covid gown doesn't zip.
Ashley Front (Before)
Ashley back corset back has been added, removing illusion, loops & buttons
Ashley (After) corset replaced zipper
Ashley Back (after)
Ashley Front (after)

Redesign is not always about aesthetics, sometimes it solves a problem.
Problem: Post covid gown doesn't zip.
Solution: Redesign into corset back + remove front & back illusion, loops, buttons.

From Vintage Find to

Chic Chanel Inspired

Bridal Gown

Heirloom Redesign

Mom's Gown Lace & Satin long sleeve with full Aline skirt transformed into sleeveless, low back, slim Aline with soft tulle overlay

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